Becoming a programmer takes a small bit of intelligence and a LOT of persistence. Writing code every single day keeps your brain focused and helps you grasp difficult concepts.

Long form programming is the most beneficial. Having one 2-hour programming session is infinitely better than 4 30-minute sessions. Much like a Heroku dyno, it takes your brain time to "spin up" and "load the code". It might take 15 minutes to get in the zone, and by that time, if you're doing a 30-minute session, you only have 15 minutes remaining. If you're doing a 2-hour session, you still have one hour and forty-five minutes of great productivity ahead of you.

In order to encourage consistent coding, I've built a leaderboard for TeaLeaf Academy. Input your name and GitHub username and you'll be added to the leaderboard below. The more you commit, the higher up the leaderboard you'll get!

The leaderboard was built using Foundation Zurb and a scraper gem called Nokogiri. It's the same gem that powers Capybara's functional testing. If you're curious about the code, take a look here: Tealeaf Leaderboard GitHub

This site was built using TDD best-practices by TeaLeaf Academy student Patrick Jones

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After adding yourself to the leaderboard, your secret token will also appear in the green "success" box above.

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Tealeaf Academy Leaderboard

Rank Name GitHub Username Yearly Contributions Longest Streak Delete
1 TanmayDharmaraj TanmayDharmaraj Commits Days
2 Nikolay YagMi nikolay-pomytkin Commits Days
3 Chris rabotica Commits Days
4 Robin rbndickson 1142 Commits 19 Days
5 Arjun Rajkumar arjunrajkumar 877 Commits 9 Days
6 Steve Chen SteveChenDC 620 Commits 100 Days
7 Gemille rkstarnerd 569 Commits 7 Days
8 Ji Wu j1wu 482 Commits 67 Days
9 Anton Malkov antonmal 349 Commits 9 Days
10 Jeff Knox knoxjeffrey 346 Commits 11 Days
11 Jason roadbytes 339 Commits 8 Days
12 Mark Sta Ana booyaa 314 Commits 26 Days
13 Adam Butler adambutler 270 Commits 12 Days
14 Patrick Pavesi patrick-g-pavesi 263 Commits 9 Days
15 George georgetoothman 251 Commits 9 Days
16 Hector hotero001 229 Commits 5 Days
17 Frankline Ugwu andela-fugwu 228 Commits 8 Days
18 Pranav pranavkantgaur 223 Commits 10 Days
19 Prasanna ppj 217 Commits 6 Days
20 Ashlynn Pai ashlynnpai 217 Commits 176 Days
21 Eugene Chang yuyueugene84 183 Commits 5 Days
22 Patrick Jones pmichaeljones 134 Commits 4 Days
23 Prashant Sahni psahni 75 Commits 4 Days
24 Oduye Oluwayemisi andela-ooduye 68 Commits 4 Days
25 jack duong imrjack 59 Commits 4 Days
26 Mark skalawag 47 Commits 2 Days
27 Patrick maguirpa 41 Commits 6 Days
28 Sam Singer SamSinger 36 Commits 3 Days
29 Doug Steinberg doug7410 23 Commits 2 Days
30 Gustavo Varallo guvarallo 9 Commits 0 Days
31 Shankar shankar-kargoo 0 Commits 0 Days